Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Challenge 12 - Family

I come from a big family, and when I say big I mean more than 4. I'm the oldest of 9. My parents will be celebrating 40 years this September. Coming from a big family I couldn't wait for a nice calm house, until I started my own family. My husband and I wished for a medium sized family with 4 kids, but that wasn't in the works for me. We only have 2 kids. A girl and a boy. I'm still waiting for a nice calm house. LOL nahh life wouldn't be any fun if it got calm.  Anyway the reason why I'm talking a little bit about my family is because lots of families in Oklahoma had their life and families changed because of the terrible tornado storms.  So in light of the horrible tragedy my challenge to you today is to do a layout of your family. Big, small, a memorable event, anything you want.

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