Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gia's Birthday Blog Share!

I want to wish Gia, one of the founders of Clique Kits a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  Thank you for all you do Gia and may your day be filled with many blessings!!!

Card made with items from July's Clique Kit. As a birthday gift to everybody Clique Kit is offering a free download at their Digital Store
Also check out the other ladies who made Birthday Cards for Gia!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July Clique Kits Blog Hop

This month's theme for Clique Kit is Captured on Film. They wanted us to use filmstrips, viewfinders or Polaroids.Well I didn't use any of those. I know rebel, instead I used my embellishments in rows like a filmstrip and the photos are a memory that I don't want to forget; we surprised the kids to a trip to Knott's Berry Farm for their birthdays.

My First layout this month is of my daughter. I was able to get a nice close-up of my daughter and wanted to "girl-up" the layout, mostly because she's not into pink and flowers anymore, but she was then. I used the buttons from the kit on the side to mimic a filmstrip.   
In this layout I wanted to show the kids and of course Snoopy. The embellishments are again in rows like a filmstrip framing my pictures.  

As I was looking through my pictures I realized they all had a theme. My kids had their hands up for every ride, how could I not put that in a layout. So for this layout each picture the kids have their hands up high. I kept the layout simple. I added the wood "gears" to symbolize the gears of a ride, and of course I had to add 2 tickets for these crazy riders.   My last layout is the kids at the end of the day. The kids and I love water and what's better than taking a fountain photo, Oh I know taking a fountain photo while in the fountain. I couldn't believe how perfectly the paper and the water and the stripes from the awning matched.

 Since the theme this month is Captured on Film I thought I'd make an cover for my iphone after all it is the camera I have on me at all times.

Well I couldn't go to bed without doing my last pictures of Knott's Berry Farm. Here are the kids at the Liberty Bell.  I turned the paper City Scape upside down; I love the paper but didn't want  the city to show. It was an easy fix to my problem.

I hope you all enjoyed my layouts and little craft. Make sure to check out the other ladies in the blog hop, comment on all the blogs for your chance of a great prize from Clique Kit.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

To & Fro

Today's the start of me driving to and from the high school 3 times a day. I start the day by getting Juliet to summer school by 7:15 and then I'm back with Jonathan at 11 for wrestling practice. Now comes the lucky part. Both kids are in wrestling, so I don't have to go back up to the school til 4.