Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Show & Tell Your Favorite Thing(s)

 Have you tried scrapbooking with one of those "Scrapbooking Kits" ,you know the ones that get mailed to you with paper and embellishments from different companies, all rolled into one kit?  This is my first month to ever play/work with such a kit. I made my own before and used that but this is the first time I ever ordered one. 
   The kit I picked to use is from Clique Kits. Each month they have a different kit all ready for you. For June the theme is Show & Tell Your Favorite Thing(s)When I first saw the kit I was a little scared, I don't normally use black & white and bold bright colors but that's why I got the kit in the first place right, to try something new and expand my creativity. Luckily I already had in mind what I was going to scrapbook. I scrap in order as much as possible or else I get too unorganized and right now I'm doing our Disney Cruise from 2005. Yeah I'm a little behind. 
   My first layout is Donald Duck and my kids. My kids love Donald, mostly my daughter. I had so much fun making this page. Adding the black and white to the bold colors was a little uneasy at first but I love how it turned out.  Can you find the hidden Mickey??

See the video here


     Join me to see others use the same kit, in doing so you can win a $10 gift card from Clique Kit, all you have to do is go to each of the blogs below and comment on their Show & Tell posts. Good luck :)
                                                                                Alisha  *You are here*

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Clique Kit

I've been wanting to try using a scrapbooking kit to help me jump start my scrapbooking. I had made my own kit back in September but realized my stash of embellishments was/is very sad. I did finish the kit and still need to do a kill a kit video and show you the layouts I made. Hopefully I can do that this week. Until then I joined Clique Kit. Here is my Unboxing video of the June kit. Enjoy.