Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Clique Kit Blog Hop

Ahhh social media, how did we get along without you? ha yeah right we got along just fine, but if you have teenagers like I do you know that they live on it. Not so much FB anymore, us parents "ruined" that for them but twitter, tumbler and Instagram are still alive and well -Public Service Announcement- My daughter wanted me to let you know Do Not Reply to what your kids put out there.  If you like it keep it to yourself, don't even bring it up when you talk to them. You CAN ask about their lives of course but once you bring up the little details that they didn't tell you they will in turn not trust you. And if you don't like what they are putting out there well then you may have to have a heart to heart. That being said I have told my kids that I will sometimes "stalk" them, and if they post a picture I will screen shot it, and it may end up in a scrapbook page. 

This month's challenge was to tell or show a project of why we are glad we live in a world that has Octobers. It's was fitting for me this month because I had just started reading Anne of Green Gables for the first time. I loved the movies but finally got around to reading the books. So I looked and looked for October/Fall pictures and didn't find any but I did come across some pictures on my daughter's Instagram that went along with the Kelly Perky paper we got in our kit this month. 

As you can see I left my screen shot just as I took it. I wanted to keep what she wrote. It gives a reason as to why this is what she wanted to put out there on the inter-webs. And this is her story, her memory and her journal.

The house pattern paper is on it's side, I asked both kids what way looked better and we all liked it on it's side, the map tucked under the picture is from the packaging, and the swirled heart is from the exclusive cut file from the kit. It was the center of a light bulb but I only wanted the heart so I played with my explore and came up with this.

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