Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wild and Free

The theme this month for Clique Kit is Wild & Free, Luckily I had just gotten pictures from my sister-in-law from when she, my brother and my niece came out to visit the family. While they were here they went up to the Sequoia's with another one of my brothers and his family, they also took my son along for the adventure. I'm so grateful they took pictures.

This first layout is beyond super simple. I used the fun washi tape we got in last month's kit and made a grid on green cardstock and then just added the pictures inside each rectangle. The title is And So The Story Begins, and it's cut from one of the 3x4 cards from My Mind's Eye: Ashbury Heights. We got a set of 12 in the kit.

For my second layout I turned my cardstock over and used the the other side. Here I did some layering with American Crafts:DIY Shop- Wood Grain journal card, My Minds Eye paper, and 2 flaire add ons. To make the title I again used the washi from last month, folded it on itself and adhered 2 to the back of each Chic Tags: Wooden Bunting and made it look like they were hanging from the May Arts twine.  

Here are some close ups for you.

 I was so happy to see that they got pictures of my son, and I love all 3 of these. the top one is him touching the top of the "door way" of a fallen tree, and the next 2 are from a hike they did. The first one is him sitting on a bolder at the top of the ridge and the other one he is safely behind the railing. For this layout I used both sides of MME: Market Street- Wallpaper,  another wood grain journal 4x6, Pretty Little Studios-Gold Foil Word Stickers, Fancy Pants Cork Hearts, washi tape and I cut out a trailer from the Webster Pages:Party Time- Camper Vellum
For My last layout  I wanted to highlight my niece. Isn't she the cutest. I used both sides of MME Dotted Paper, 2 of the 3x4 cards, another gold foil word, a gold doily, a Clique Kits exclusive Colorblock wood pained heart by Gia. I also used 3 flower brads from BG that I had already lying on my desk.

Well I couldn't help myself and I made another phone cover. I used a 4x6 wood grain journal block for the base, and a picture of the Eiffel Tower from the kit and again used the washi tape from last month (I love this stuff).                                                        
  Hope you had fun looking at what I did with this month's kit so far. Don't forget to post a comment at the end of this post, and on all the other blogs apart of this month's hop, you'll be entered into a drawing offered by Clique Kits if you do. Here's August Line-up
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Did It!!!!

I finally did it!!! I figured out how to install Movie Maker on my son's computer, for some reason it wasn't wanting to work.  I wanted it/needed it so I could post a Process Video on YouTube. And now I can Whoooohooo!   So without further a deux