Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Reading Quest Wrap Up

Start Exp- 10  Hp- 10

Side Quests-
Potions-2 Authors- Solo-- Exp- 32 Hp-20
Multi-player-buddy read- The Bridesmaid  Exp 27.2 Hp-10
Grind-500+ pgs- Our Dark Duet -  Exp- 51 Hp-10
Time Warp- Future or Past- The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared  Exp-39.6  Hp-20 
Open World- Infinity-- Exp- 46.4  Hp-10
Respawn- Previously DNF- Lilac Girls-- Exp 48.7 Hp- 10
Expansion- Companion novel- The Dream Thieves Exp- 43.9 Hp-10
Mini Game-Graphic novel- Persepolis - Exp- 7.6 Hp-20
Animal Companion- The Raven King-- Exp -43.9  Hp-10
Side Quest totals- Exp-340.3  Hp- 120

1st of series- The Raven Boys-- Epx-40.9 Hp 10
Verb in title- Wake-- Exp- 30.9 Hp-10
Weapon on Cover- Graceling-  Exp- 47.1 Hp-10
Red Cover- The Wife--Exp- 22.4 Hp-10
Book to TV/Movie- The Sinner--Epx-40.0 Hp- 20
Finish Knight Quest Exp- 50
Knight Totals--Exp- 231.3   Hp- 60

Fairytale Retelling-Hunted Exp- 38.4 Hp- 10
Typography- Beast-- Exp-16,8 Hp-10
Translated- The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend-- Exp- 39.4 Hp-20
Banned-- A Clockwork Orange-- Exp- 21.2  Hp-10
Finish Quest-- Exp 30
Bard Totals- Exp- 145.8 Hp-50 

Partly Obscured Face- Blue Lily, Lily Blue-- Exp 39.1 Exp 10

 Grand Totals    Level 16  ===  Exp--818.2    Hp-250

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