Saturday, June 1, 2013

JUNE--Summer Bucket List

June is here!!! But it's not quite summer vacation here yet. The kids have 1 more week of school still; and then let the FUN begin. Both my kids are in high school and have become very independent but I still want to have some Family Summer time together. I joined a Facebook group The Happy Family Movement 2013 to help motivate me with this endeavor. It seems like most of the families have young children, so with reluntant teens  I came up with OUR SUMMER BUCKET LIST.

Weekly date-night w/ hubby  Get Slushies   Go to music festival   Splash in a fountain   
Plant a garden   Go to Garage Sales   Go Fishing   Get ice-cream from the Ice-cream Man   Build a Fort   Backyard Camping  Mini Golf   Water-balloon fight   Go swimming   
Have a cousin day   Make jam   Go to dive-in movie   Go camping   Water-gun fight   
Make a Redneck pool in truck   Make Ketchup   Make Relish   Make dinner together   
Make different kinds of popsicles   Read   Redo rooms   Play over-the-line   
Try a restaurant we've never been to  Go to the beach   Go to a baseball game   
Have a cellphone free day   Have a BBQ   Family game night   Have a board game day   
Movie marathon   Nature photo shoot   Picnic in the park   Go to the Lake   
Make fruit smoothies   Make homemade ice-cream   make ice-cream sundaes   
See 4th of July Fireworks   Visit Farmer's Market   Wash Cars   Watch the sunrise   
Watch the sunset   Work on Family cookbook   Go to the mountains   Hike Forest Falls   
Go to Fox movie theater   Spend week at our timeshare   Work-out   Harry Potter Day   
Star Wars Day   Super Hero Day   Lord of the Rings Day   Make slushies   
Make summer highlight video

So that's our list. Keep in mind J will be off at camp for 22 days and J will be gone for 14 days, but I'm hoping we can get most of the list crossed off.



  1. OOOH I love me some fruit smoothies! I need to add that to the list!