Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Reading Quest Wrap Up

Start Exp- 10  Hp- 10

Side Quests-
Potions-2 Authors- Solo-- Exp- 32 Hp-20
Multi-player-buddy read- The Bridesmaid  Exp 27.2 Hp-10
Grind-500+ pgs- Our Dark Duet -  Exp- 51 Hp-10
Time Warp- Future or Past- The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared  Exp-39.6  Hp-20 
Open World- Infinity-- Exp- 46.4  Hp-10
Respawn- Previously DNF- Lilac Girls-- Exp 48.7 Hp- 10
Expansion- Companion novel- The Dream Thieves Exp- 43.9 Hp-10
Mini Game-Graphic novel- Persepolis - Exp- 7.6 Hp-20
Animal Companion- The Raven King-- Exp -43.9  Hp-10
Side Quest totals- Exp-340.3  Hp- 120

1st of series- The Raven Boys-- Epx-40.9 Hp 10
Verb in title- Wake-- Exp- 30.9 Hp-10
Weapon on Cover- Graceling-  Exp- 47.1 Hp-10
Red Cover- The Wife--Exp- 22.4 Hp-10
Book to TV/Movie- The Sinner--Epx-40.0 Hp- 20
Finish Knight Quest Exp- 50
Knight Totals--Exp- 231.3   Hp- 60

Fairytale Retelling-Hunted Exp- 38.4 Hp- 10
Typography- Beast-- Exp-16,8 Hp-10
Translated- The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend-- Exp- 39.4 Hp-20
Banned-- A Clockwork Orange-- Exp- 21.2  Hp-10
Finish Quest-- Exp 30
Bard Totals- Exp- 145.8 Hp-50 

Partly Obscured Face- Blue Lily, Lily Blue-- Exp 39.1 Exp 10

 Grand Totals    Level 16  ===  Exp--818.2    Hp-250

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Reading Quest

This year I've become a reader. I didn't really think this "new" hobby would stick but it has. I made the crazy goal of reading 52 books this year, and that's huge considering I normally read 5 books max a year. So far I've read 38 books, not too shabby. To keep my motivation going I've joined booktube but haven't made any videos yet and I've joined BooksaGram ie Instagram. Follow me at ReadingBugg.

My new way to stay motivated is to join reading challenges and readingthons. A new reading-thon in The Reading Quest. For my journey on this quest I chose to be a Knight.
My challenges are:
 The 1st book of a Series- Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
 Book with Verb in title- A Taste of Romance by Roni Denholtz
 Weapon on the cover- The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman
 Red Cover- Peril on the Sea- by Michael Cadnum
 Book to tv/movie adaptation- The Hours by Michael Cunningham 

Wish me luck

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Blog Hop

This month's challenge for the Clique Kit was to use something sweet.  Well I don't know about you but starting over this year has been pretty sweet so far.
        Like I said last month my divorce was final on the December 31st so that meant 2015 was the beginning of the new me. In order to be the new me well to put it plainly I had/have to find myself.
       The exclusive flair in the kit was PERFECT. Then I saw the moon paper in the kit by Dear Lizzy and the whole thought of the moon going through its phases was PERFECT, because I'm going through my own phase. The picture is what I posted on my Instagram Jan 1st, saying "page 1 of 365" as in the first page to the story of my life. I thought since this was all about the new me I'd also include my word for the year EARNEST. 

 Thank you so much for letting me share this page with you. Please leave a comment for your chance at a prize from Clique Kits, also make sure to visit all the other blogs listed below.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January Blog Hop

New year new ME. As of the 1st I'm officially divorced and single parent to 2 wonderful teenagers. To say that our lives have been turned upside down would be an understatement. Since I/we are starting over I wanted my word of the year to push me so this year my word is EARNEST. It means: Serious in intention, purpose or effort.  I pray I can live up to it between finding a job, a place to call home and being there for my kids. I have a lot to do in very little time.  So since the challenge this month was about a New Year and Beginnings I chose to scrap my son's 16th Birthday. 
        The first one "Life" is simple with very little fuss. I wanted the pictures to tell more of the story of the love and fun my son and mom have together. I used a couple of sayings from the sticker sheet and a Thicker for the title.

        This 2nd layout is even more simple but again it's about the love between my son and our dog.  I just added the Thickers for the title.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December blog hop

The challenge for December's Cliquekit is Anything Goes which is so good for me this month because again I didn't have anything planned when I went to my Christmas crop. I was so unprepared I even forgot my trimmer, luckily I had a pair of scissors with me. Over all it was a productive day with lots of laughs. As I was looking at the layouts I did get done I did find a reoccurring theme FRIENDS. I have childhood friends, mother/daughter bonding, girlfriends and the guys. Enjoy~ 
My first layout Is of my kids and my sons best friend on a rainy day at the park 9 yrs ago. 

My 2nd layout is of my daughter from a few months ago. We both needed a little cheering up so she read me Grimm Fairy Tales. So I thought I would also try and have a cheerful layout. The lace was from a friend at the crop who was clearing out her stash. I love how the the black and white photo lined perfectly with the colored one  even though she was looking at totally different things on the tablet.

My 3rd and 4th layout go together. At first I wasn't crazy about the flower paper but when I came across the group picture I knew I had to use the flower paper.  It is of one of the best girls weekend at a Creative Keepsakes Convention. In the picture is my dear friend who passed away and she loved any and all things pink. I again used lace from a friend and tried to paint the Heidi Swapp words but since all I had was real paint it's a little off. The opposite page is of the same day at lunch with some more dear friends. 

My last layout is also about friends. My son has been blessed with some great friends through the Boy Scouts. There isn't a day that goes by that they don't talk even though none of them go to the same school together. Here they are at the last camp out of the summer this year.

So like I said even without prepping and with out all the right tools it was a very productive crop. Maybe I won't prep anymore, it seems to be working LOL.
Make sure you check out all the talented ladies in today's blog hop and leave a comment at each blog for a chance to win something great from Cliquekits.

Alisha ~You are here~

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November Blog Hop

Have you ever gone to a crop without a clue what you were going to do. Yeah that was me this last weekend. I brought a envelope of pictures, my roll tote of card stock and another one of pattern paper and the last 3 Clique Kits and thought "Well this should be fun". and it was I only used November's kit and got 6 layouts done. Well I say done but they all still need titles, so I'll only be showing you 2 today. 
The first one I did was of me when I was little so like 1980. I'm the one with the big hat on. The other kids in the picture are my brother and sister and then my older cousin and her kids.
My 2nd layout is also of cousins but this time it's my son and his cousins. My son is the one in red and then my sister's son and one of my brother's son. 
Well you did it you made it to the end of the hop. Below it the links to all of the blogs. Make sure to leave a comment on each one, you might get a gift from Clique Kits.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Clique Kit Blog Hop

Ahhh social media, how did we get along without you? ha yeah right we got along just fine, but if you have teenagers like I do you know that they live on it. Not so much FB anymore, us parents "ruined" that for them but twitter, tumbler and Instagram are still alive and well -Public Service Announcement- My daughter wanted me to let you know Do Not Reply to what your kids put out there.  If you like it keep it to yourself, don't even bring it up when you talk to them. You CAN ask about their lives of course but once you bring up the little details that they didn't tell you they will in turn not trust you. And if you don't like what they are putting out there well then you may have to have a heart to heart. That being said I have told my kids that I will sometimes "stalk" them, and if they post a picture I will screen shot it, and it may end up in a scrapbook page. 

This month's challenge was to tell or show a project of why we are glad we live in a world that has Octobers. It's was fitting for me this month because I had just started reading Anne of Green Gables for the first time. I loved the movies but finally got around to reading the books. So I looked and looked for October/Fall pictures and didn't find any but I did come across some pictures on my daughter's Instagram that went along with the Kelly Perky paper we got in our kit this month. 

As you can see I left my screen shot just as I took it. I wanted to keep what she wrote. It gives a reason as to why this is what she wanted to put out there on the inter-webs. And this is her story, her memory and her journal.

The house pattern paper is on it's side, I asked both kids what way looked better and we all liked it on it's side, the map tucked under the picture is from the packaging, and the swirled heart is from the exclusive cut file from the kit. It was the center of a light bulb but I only wanted the heart so I played with my explore and came up with this.

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